Zen Cart – URI Mapping

Unlike other SEO modules, where the URIs are generated automatically when a customer visits a page, this module allows specific URIs to be entered within the admin, or even for auto-generation to be used to create a static URI for an individual category/product/manufacturer/EZ-Page/Zen Cart page.

It lets you specify static, keyword-based URIs to be used instead of dynamic, ID-based URIs. For example – for a product – instead of dynamic URIs like this:


A static address, full of keywords, could be specified for the product:


This zen cart module allows you to generate the URIs automatically within the admin, or even to enter your own specific URIs for each product/category/EZ-Page/Zen Cart page.

    Feature list:

  • Full Multi-Language Support
  • Canonical URI Support
  • Historical URI Redirection (Never have a broken link again!)
  • URI Auto-Generation
  • Transliteration Support
  • 100% Compatibility with Zen Cart
  • Easy-to-use Admin Integration for Categories, Products, Manufacturers and EZ-Pages
  • Organize EZ-Pages into Site Sections
  • Ability to use Static URIs for any Zen Cart page
  • Automatic Usage of any URI mappings Defined for Categories, Products, Manufacturers, EZ-Pages or any other Zen Cart page!
  • Ability to use Static URIs as an Alias for any other Static URI
  • Automated support for standard Zen Cart pages related to a Product
  • 100% Compatibility with Zen Cart and Most Modules
  • Transparently Handles URIs With or Without a Slash (/) at the End
  • Respects Context of a Link to a Category/Product page
  • Avoids Possibility of Duplicate URIs
  • Support for all of Zen Cart’s Standard Product Types (and more)!
  • Lightweight!

Please Note: This module does not automatically add mappings for existing Categories/Products/Manufacturers/EZ-Pages – if the site has existing Categories/Products/Manufacturers/EZ-Pages, they’ll continue to use the standard Zen Cart dynamic URIs, until a URI has been entered or auto-generated for them, by editing the respective Category/Product/Manufacturer/EZ-Page in the admin.

This means going in and editing every Category/Product/Manufacturer/EZ-Page for which a static URI mapping is desired.

Our quote includes installation and configuration of this module on your zen cart web site.