Zen Cart – Image Handler 4

Image Handler at the heart of it’s code is really meant to ease the management of product images (particularly the management of additional product images), and to help improve page performance by optimizing the product images.

Image Handler generates product images (based on your image settings) in the Image Handler “bmz_cache” folder. It DOES NOT replace or modify the original images. So it’s PERFECTLY safe to use on an existing store.

Image Handler enables you to use GD libraries or ImageMagick (if installed on your server) to generate and resize small, medium and large images on the fly on page request. You can simply upload just one image or you can have different sources for medium and large images. Image Handler further enables you to watermark your images (overlay a second specific translucent image) and have medium or large images pop up when you move your mouse over a small image (fancy hover).

This contribution includes a powerful admin interface to browse your products just like you would with the Attribute Manager and upload / delete / add additional images without having to do this manually via FTP. Image Handler works fine with mass update utilities like Easy Populate.


  • Improve site performance (faster loading, faster display)
  • Professional looking images (no stair-effects, smooth edges)
  • Choose preferred image-types for each image size
  • Uploading one image automatically creates small, medium and large images on page request
  • Drops in and out seamlessly. No need to redo your images. All images are kept.
  • Easy install. One-click-database-upgrade.
  • Works with mass-update/-upload tools like Easy Populate.
  • Watermark images to prevent competitors from stealing them.
  • Fancy image hover functionality lets a larger image pop up whenever you move your mouse above a small image (switchable).
  • Choose an image background color matching to match you site’s color or select a transparent background for your images.
  • Manage your multiple images for products easily from one page just like you do with attributes in the Products Attribute Manager.

Image Handler is meant to ease the work required to setup images for your store. It works with default Zen Cart functionality, it does not replace it.

Our quote is for installation and configuration of this module on your zen cart web site.