Zen Cart – Fast and Easy Checkout

Fast and Easy Checkout combines the payment and shipping checkout pages into one page for a shortened checkout process. It can also simulate the checkout confirmation page making a seemingly one page checkout. The importance of this module is that it reduces the steps that can deter customers from completing purchases on your website. Therefore, it can potentially increase your conversion rates.

Fast and Easy Checkout uses JQuery to accept the users shipping address without having to redirect to the shipping address page on both the regular login and no account option.

This module is pre-integrated with Easy Sign-Up and Login for the fastest Zen Cart checkout system.


  • One (JQuery) or Two Page Checkout
  • Easy Sign-Up and Login in Split Login Mode
  • Checkout Without an Account
  • Force Checkout Without an Account
  • Confirm Email
  • Make Account Telephone Optional
  • Order Total on Registration/Login
  • Confidence Box on Registration/Login
  • Copy Billing to Shipping Address
  • Customizable Dropdown Selection on Checkout (use for whatever you want)
  • Customizable Checkbox Field on Checkout (use for whatever you want)

Also pre-integrated with:

  • Google Checkout (requires separate module)
  • Gift Wrapping (requires separate module)
  • Store Credit and Rewards Points (requires separate module)
  • Captcha Using TTF (requires separate module)
  • PO Box Ban (requires separate module)
  • Encrypted Master Password

Our quote includes installation and configuration of this module as well as CSS/JS Loader on your zen cart web site. If you already have CSS/JS Loader installed, please let us know when you request a quote.