Zen Cart – Easy Populate

The Easy Populate zen cart module allows you to add/update products from a tab delimited text file, which can be edited in MS Excel, or better still (because you will overload Excel..) OpenOffice. Extremely useful if you have lots of products in your store or for updating pricing & stock quantities frequently. If your zen cart has over 100 products, you need Easy Populate!

Please note that Easy Populate does not support product attributes such as size, colour, etc.

Easy Populate has a two-way capability: to IMPORT product data into your zencart store, and to EXPORT product data from your zencart store.

Easy Populate does not have the capacity to add/update other data (eg: customer data, orders, etc). Easy Populate’s capability is restricted to product data only.

When IMPORTING into your store, Easy Populate can both ADD NEW PRODUCT DATA, and UPDATE EXISTING PRODUCT DATA.

Easy Populate both imports and exports this data from a TAB-DELIMITED TEXT FILE (not from a “spreadsheet” as is sometimes believed).

The initial composition of data is, however, undertaken using spreadsheets, as these programs are the most effective ways of organizing and managing large data sets in columns and rows. It is possible to create your tab-delimited files in other data editors – even MS Word – but the formatting is then up to the operator (you!) rather than the program itself.

So, when working with Easy Populate, your initial data sets are in the form of spreadsheets, and MS Excel and OpenOffice are both appropriate for this purpose.

These spreadsheets are then “SAVED AS” tab-delimited txt files, which are in turn used by Easy Populate.

It is also important to understand that programs like Easy Populate have certain limitations with regard to how product data is managed and assimilated once it is in the database.

You may need to run a variety of “Tools” after using EP to populate (or update) your product data.

An example of this is the potential need to re-set Master Category ID in instances where EP is used to create linked product associations. But there are other occasions when the Store Manager (under Tools menu) features may be needed to re-organize product data after an EP upload.

Our quote includes installation and configuration of this module on your zen cart web site. If you require help with setting up your spreadsheet and uploading your products, please let us know at the time of your quote request.