Computer Maintainance Computer Maintenance
Sloan IT Services features over 14 years experience building and repairing computers. We can help get your systems back into peak operating condition quickly and for a reasonable cost. Sloan IT Services can handle everything from simple system tune-ups to full overhauls.
Computer Installation & Upgrades Computer Installation & Upgrades
Sloan IT Services helps customers set up and configure new computer systems for a reasonable hourly fee. This can be done on site, and includes professional explanations of how to use every component and feature of your new system.
Virus & Spyware Virus & Spyware
Our years of experience working on computers has included removing viruses and spyware from personal computers and business networks. Sloan IT Services can get systems back on track quickly and safely. Call or text us, or use the Contact Form for fast, professional help.
Support / Training Support / Training
Sloan IT Services can provide computer training and coaching from the basics to advanced office functions, Internet services like eBay, or teach how to start and maintain a blog for business or personal use.
Website design and hosting for static and eCommerce sites Website design and hosting for static and eCommerce sites
Sloan IT Services can help businesses and individuals set up, use and maintain every type of website or blog imaginable. For static websites and blogs, we use WordPress. We use Zen Cart to build and run e-commerce sites. We help everyone from hobbyists to businesses design and run exactly the right websites. We help businesses learn how a website or blog fits into their overall marketing strategy and the benefits that can result. For additional information, fill out the Contact Form and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Internet Protocol (IP) Telephones Internet Protocol (IP) Telephones
Now is the ideal time to consider adding a second telephone line into your home or business using broadband internet technology. Sloan IT Services has many available options from computer-only systems to stand-alone phones that work exactly like traditional phones.
Setup of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Media Servers Setup of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Media Servers
Most modern homes have various digital media appliances for viewing photos, music and videos. These might include a Smart TV, a PC, tablet or SmartPhone. By using a dedicated hardware DLNA media server or a PC-based software solution, Sloan IT Services can show you how to store all your media in one place and view on multiple devices.
Networked IP cameras and Webcams Networked IP Cameras and Webcams
Many home owners and businesses have invested in networked IP cameras as part of their security solutions. Networked IP cameras and webcams allow the user to control them as needed around the house or the company. IP camera systems range from static, internal-use only cameras to full systems that include outdoor PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras.

Sloan IT Services has experience in these systems as well as in setting up the systems for remote viewing via the internet anywhere in the world. Some systems include motion detection technology and email owners photos whenever movement occurs in front of the camera. Sloan IT services can offer guidance to help select the best camera for your needs and budget, as well as set up and configure your new system and train users.

Remote PC Support Remote PC Support
Many computer issues can be repaired remotely using a broadband internet connection and trained telephone support. Sloan IT Services uses LogMeIn software to remotely link to your computer with your permission. By doing so, we can work on your computer from our offices without inconveniencing you or your business with a site visit.
For more information, fill out our Contact Form, or call or text today.